Sheriff Perkins | Murderbilly since 2005


How dare you organize concerts and threw parties without the Sheriff playing?

He's such a nice fella, very polite and always willing to help. His sound checks are short as a miniskirt and give your sound engineer time to chill out and drink a beer. He comes to your venue using his own car and as he's equipped with a GPS device, he almost never gets lost and hits your place right on time.

La Chaux de Fonds (CH), october 2011, © Krokus

Now learn from your mistakes and mail to

In order to make your own Sheriff Perkins Live Show an efficiently advertised and totally successful event, you may want to download this zip file containing hi-res photos, a series of logos, ready-to-use posters, a press kit, a technical rider and a few mp3's.

See you guys there.